This letter is to recommend the services of Cynthia Palm, CPA. My husband died April 2, 2010 and, of course, left me with all the difficult problems related to his death. A neighbor offered immediate help but I quickly realized I was in over my head!

I called our accountant and he suggested Cynthia—she has been a miracle. She came to the house, went over all the necessary documents sorting out duties for me and then went to a meeting with the trust attorney in an effort to help me understand what I could or could not do relating to the trust.

We had a large note on a property that was in default so she managed a meeting with all the parties involved and then reviewed the proposals until she felt I could live with the solution. I never could have achieved this without her. She then reviewed our financial systems and helped me set up a system that would satisfy the beneficiaries of the trust and take care of my needs. At the anniversary of his death she sent an excellent accounting to the beneficiaries.

Cynthia has continued to guide me in a very professional and caring way. I doubt very much if I could have survived that terrible time without her expertise and great concern for my welfare. She always went far beyond just the necessary to give me the best service possible.

Life has gotten much easier since I have had Cynthia Palm take care of my finances. I have always been good in math and I even worked for several years as bookkeeper. But now that I have grown older, I find that my writing and my numbers are not as well written as they once were, and I find it difficult to keep track of my affairs. Cynthia not only takes care of the numbers, but she has led me into the new world of electronic bill paying. Who knew that it could be so efficient and quick.

Also Cynthia has been a wonderful addition to my circle of dear friends.

A few months ago I was working on a small hand sewing project but it got lost in clutter of papers on the kitchen, counter, coffee table, desk and computer station in the den. In time I finally found it...In the refrigerator! An amusing "senior moment," I told my friends and myself. Not long afterward, I got a delinquent notice from the IRS with a hefty penalty. My chronic forgetfulness and messiness were not so funny anymore.

Cynthia has made life a lot easier for me. She keeps track of up-coming bills and payments scheduled far in advance. Utility bills are paid on line from my accounts. Most bills go directly to Cynthia. Others that come to my home address, I drop into a manilla folder. Cynthia comes to my home about once a month and we look over them together. She is always available by phone.

It is not just the time-consuming chore of writing all those checks, it is keeping proper records. Sometimes I can't remember whether I did something or not and sometimes I remember doing things I didn't do. My mind plays tricks on me. Cynthia is a blessing.

I was referred to Cynthia by a friend whose friend used Cynthia's consulting services to help settle her estate after her husband's illness and death. She was in a bit of a daze after her husband's death and explained that Cynthia was her angel who helped her sort out years of financial mess.

Cynthia has helped me with my ex husband's bankruptcy, my divorce, and my business finances. She has been a lifesaver. It is apparent that she has extensive experience in corporate finances as well as bankruptcy, and family law accounting. She offered many creative solutions for my businesses to help them run more smoothly and to save me money.

My family law and bankruptcy attorneys were so impressed after our conference calls with her that they praised her knowledge and understanding and asked for her contact information.

Cynthia has amazing knowledge and is unlike typical consulting firms, she brings empathy and compassion to her work and you feel it and appreciate it especially during those unfortunate rocky times in your life. I trust her with all of my secure information. I have never been disappointed and always get more service than I expect. I highly recommend Cynthia to all of my colleagues and friends.

I was introduced to Cynthia Palm through an attorney friend of mine and initially I was very apprehensive in allowing someone other than my wife and I to look at our personal finances. But after a very short period of time, I was convinced that using Cynthia for our personal accounting and finances was more than the right decision. I can honestly say she saved me from my own worst enemy, myself. I continue to be completely satisfied with her honesty and professionalism and would highly recommend her.

When starting our business, Palm Consulting effortlessly set-up and organized all of our accounting needs. And now that our business is up and running, they maintain an impeccably efficient accounting checks and balances for our growing business. I highly recommend their trustworthy and professional service.