Our Services

We relieve the stress of often confusing financial matters while allowing seniors to maintain their independence. Our services safeguard seniors against overwhelming daily financial management, accounting errors, tax oversights, and the threat of financial abuse.


In-home Service
We come to you, and place great importance on building personal relationships and individualized service plans.


Assist with Bill Paying
We ensure bills are paid on time and organized records are maintained of payments.


Online Banking Set up and Auto Pay of Utilities
Set up of online user accounts and auto payment plans when available allows for efficient management of banking accounts and utility bills.


Set up of Quicken/Quickbooks Software
All accounts can be monitored, balanced and maintained electronically. Analysis of how money is being spent is important.


Organization of Paperwork
Disorganized bills, statements and financial documents can be sorted and maintained.


PO Box Mail Capture
Bills and paperwork can be routed directly to us to ensure nothing is being misplaced.


Review of Medical Bills and Insurance Coverage
Review medical bills and statements for correct billing under insurance application as well as payment and organization.


Bank and Credit Account Reconciliations
Balance accounts to review for unauthorized charges and to ensure transactions are legitimate. Report on where and how money is being spent.


Reporting for Senior and/or Family Members
Financal reports can be provided as requested to clients and/or family members.


Bank Depositing
Eliminate trips to the bank which can be costly if hiring a driver or care giver. I can do your depositing for you.


Moving Services
Arrange for the closing and opening of Utilities as necessary upon relocation. Updating and changing all addresses for statements and bills.


Tax Concierge Services
Will deliver and pick up tax documents from your tax preparer as necessary to streamline the filing process.

It may be helpful to note the services WE DO NOT PROVIDE:

  • Investment services
    Bridge Senior Financial Services does not invest money or make investment decisions of any kind. We will review the current investments and and provide notification if there are concerns about an investment's performance.
  • Item purchases
    Bridge Senior Financial Services pays bills authorized by clients, but does not make any decisions regarding purchasing of goods or services. We can review estimates for goods or services to deem they are reasonably priced.
  • Tax Advice
    Bridge Senior Financial Services does not give tax advice. We will bring attention to matters that should be discussed with the family’s tax advisor/accountant.
  • Tax Returns
    Bridge Senior Financial Services does not prepare tax returns. We do organize and gather the appropriate paperwork throughout the year to ensure a smooth tax filing at year end.

"Cynthia has continued to guide me in a very professional and caring way. I doubt very much if I could have survived that terrible time without her expertise and great concern for my welfare."
—Virginia Linesch

"Life has gotten much easier since I have had Cindy Palm take care of my finances...she has led me into the new world of electronic bill paying. Who knew that it could be so efficient and quick?"
—Mary Ellen Richmond Bradford