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If you answer yes to any of these questions, please call me at (310) 376-4960 to discuss your situation or arrange for a visit to discuss your situation. You can also use the form on the contact page if you prefer.


Are you a senior who is living independently and is seeking solutions to continue this lifestyle?


Are your family members out of the area?


Are your family members too busy to burden with the financial tasks you need assistance with?


Are you worried that you are not paying the right amount of attention to your bank accounts and credit card accounts?


Do you want someone to go over your monthly finances with you in person?


Do you worry about bill paying?


Are you finding yourself forgetting to take care of daily financial items?


Is it hard to get a hold of someone you have a relationship with at your bank?


Do you have trouble using the phone or internet?


Are you finding paperwork confusing?


Are you worried that someone may be taking advantage of you financially?

Bridge Senior Financial Services offers customized solutions for you and your family to create a financial environment that creates peace of mind for everyone involved. Working with other trusted advisors such as estate attorneys, tax accountants, care givers and financial planners is our specialty. Our services include: Bill Paying, Banking, Insurance Paperwork Review, Account Reconciliations, Budgeting and Forecasting and Reporting. Read more about our services, success stories from my clients or call (310) 376-4960 to discuss your situation today.

"Cindy has made life a lot easier for me. She keeps track of up-coming bills and payments scheduled far in advance...Cindy comes to my home about once a month and we look over them together."

"My family law and bankruptcy attorneys were so impressed after our conference calls with Cindy that they praised her knowledge and understanding and asked for her contact information."
—Gwen Vigon