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A message from Cynthia Palm
I have been a South Bay resident my entire life; Growing up in South Redondo, attending South Torrance High School and returning from College at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo to build a career, start a family and create my adult life in Manhattan Beach. The South Bay has always been home to me and it is where my heart and soul thrive.

In 2007, my father became seriously ill, and I became his primary caregiver. This happened at a time when I had four teenagers in the house, a career, a household to maintain and volunteer commitments. It was not an easy time to take on the care for my father – but neither myself nor my father understood what his options were. Together as a family we decided my father would move into our home and we would take things one day at a time.

Over the next 21 months as his disease progressed, my knowledge about care giving, my understanding of the situation facing many families, and the intricacies of caring for an elderly parent increased daily. Sadly, my father lost his battle with Pancreatic Cancer in September of 2008, but I will always cherish the time I was able to spend with him. The value of just sitting and chatting, having a family meal, discussing politics or hearing stories of his life was priceless.

The personal experience with my own father was the genesis of my desire to build a business around the care and assistance to senior citizens and their families. I encountered many families who had barely enough time to handle their own tasks let alone the tasks their parents needed help with – leaving no time to simply enjoy their parent at a time when connection and positive relationships are crucial. The end result of trying to handle and balance too much often leads to stressful, unpleasant and unproductive encounters. This seemed both sad and wrong and I wanted to do something to help.

With Bridge Senior Financial Services, I bring over 25 years of hands on Accounting and Financial expertise to you and your family on a very personal level. My education and professional licensing as a CPA ensures you the highest level of integrity available. Most importantly, my personal experience with my own father allows me to assist you with compassion in areas that often cause confusion, worry and stress in a familial setting.


Cynthia Palm
Certified Public Accountant

"After a very short period of time, I was convinced that using Cynthia for our personal accounting and finances was more than the right decision...I continue to be completely satisfied with her honesty and professionalism and would highly recommend her."
—Lance Harris

"Cindy has helped me with my ex husband's bankruptcy, my divorce, and my business finances. She has been a lifesaver."
—Gwen Vigon