Your bridge to stress-free finances,
continued independence, and family harmony.

"Cindy has made life a lot easier for me. She keeps track of up-coming bills and payments scheduled far in advance...Cindy comes to my home about once a month and we look over them together."

"My family law and bankruptcy attorneys were so impressed after our conference calls with Cindy that they praised her knowledge and understanding and asked for her contact information."
—Gwen Vigon

Bridge Senior Financial Services empowers seniors to maintain their autonomy while safeguarding against overwhelming daily financial tasks. This may include bill paying, account reconciliation, medical paperwork, financial management, preparation for tax filings, and prevention against the threat of financial abuse. Combining the professionalism and licensing you’d expect from a trustworthy financial firm with friendly patience, compassion and personal service, Bridge Senior Financial Services helps seniors live without financial stress in our modern world. We are your bridge to stress-free finances, continued independence, and family harmony.

There are many benefits of our financial services:

  • Creates an environment to eliminate financial abuse
  • Allows seniors to retain financial independence, while providing extra security and review
  • Establishes a relationship and familiarity with the Senior and their Family before crisis occurs
  • Relieves stress and worry for the Senior and provides face to face monthly review
  • Provides a tidy financial picture on a periodic basis which can ease decision making
  • Organizes paperwork
  • Streamlines tax preparation
  • Allows family time to be enjoyable and not task related
  • Relieves family from additional administrative burden
  • Avoids family conflict and dynamics that arise when dealing with money
  • An additional set of eyes for the family

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